Contemporary creative jewelry

Mut, is a contemporary creative jewelry studio that proposes you to bring pieces whose designs are original ours, made by hand, with traditional jewelry techniques and with a limited number of pieces.
We want you to enjoy jewelry as a branch of art in all its extension and therefore we flee from mass, trying to show you our vision of nature.
We work with noble materials, using basically 925 solid silver, or this one with five green gold baths, natural stones and other innovative materials for research.

New collection Mut Madrid - Contemporary creative jewelry
Mut Madrid - Joyería creativa contemporánea Abyssal Earrings gold Abyssal Earrings gold Abyssal earrings in 925 silver with five green gold baths See Abyssal Necklace gold Self-adjusting necklace topped with two abyssal pieces at the ends in 925 silver with five green gold baths See  Abyssal Ring gold Self-adjusting ring with an Abyssal piece in 925 silver with five green gold baths See

Abyssal collection

Beautiful, mysterious and unknown creatures inhabit the depths, twisted and abstract forms that remind, moving away at the same time, to other more known and defined nature.

Our star Abyssal, a winding and abrupt being that inspires pieces for all parts of the body, resulting in earrings, pendants, necklaces, rings and bracelets.


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